Landscape Illumination 2014-12-30T08:13:27Z WordPress admin <![CDATA[Landscape Illuminations Wins Kichler Landscape Lighting 2012 Contractor of the Year Award]]> 2013-03-25T19:16:54Z 2013-03-25T19:16:54Z Landscape Illumination triumphed over a prestigious group of North America landscape lighting firms to become the first company to win the Kichler Contractor of the Year award twice in its 25-year history.

VALPARAISO, IN – Landscape Illumination triumphed over a prestigious group of North American landscape lighting companies to win the Kichler Landscape Lighting Contractor of the Year award. Landscape Illumination is the only two-time winner (2008, 2012) in the twenty-five history of this coveted landscape lighting award.

“It is an honor to become the first two-time recipient of landscape lighting’s biggest award,” said Landscape Illumination President Darrin Selking. “This proves that a business based in Indiana whose only mission is to meet and exceed customer expectations can compete on a global level.”

Landscape Illumination is a landscape lighting and seasonal lighting and design company that specializes in custom lighting design for homes and businesses. In 2002, Landscape Illumination became the largest installer of outdoor lighting systems in Indiana, Lower Michigan and Chicago. In 2003, Landscape Illumination became one of the largest lighting companies in the Midwest. They were also named Kichler landscape lighting 2008 North American Contractor of the Year.

According to Mike Southard, Landscape Lighting Sales Manger of KICHLER, Darrin Selking of Landscape Illuminations was an early adopter and advocate of Kichler Design Pro LED landscape lighting technology. “His grasp of the new technology and what it means to homeowners in terms of the aesthetic beauty to their home coupled with the energy-savings and added security is the hallmark of his value proposition. We are proud of our association with Darrin and Lighting Illuminations and the success he has achieved in the face of intense competition,” he said.

admin <![CDATA[April 26th, 27th & 28th – Illiana Pond & Garden Show at Lake County Fair Grounds, Crown Point, IN]]> 2013-03-25T19:05:14Z 2013-03-25T19:04:53Z 0 admin <![CDATA[The Landscape Illumination Guide to Protecting Your Pet While Saving A Little Money!]]> 2011-01-11T18:05:58Z 2011-01-11T04:28:34Z Do you hate to walk your dog in the winter? Do you want to turn him loose, but can’t because he runs all over the neighborhood? Landscape Illumination has the solution for you! We offer a professionally installed pet containment systems in Northwest Indiana by Dog Guard. The Dog Guard pet containment system safely keeps your pet in your yard and away from areas where he is not suppossed to be, all while you watch him from the comforts of your home.

During the Months of January, February, and March, Landscape Illumination is running a special of $100.00 off the purchase of a Dog Guard pet containment system.

Live up to that New Years resolution, keep your pet safe while not having to walk him everywhere. Give us a call today!

jonathan <![CDATA[Founder Darrin Selking Feature in Kichler LED Lighting Video]]> 2014-08-06T16:19:24Z 2010-11-21T19:25:43Z Recently, Landscape Illumination founder Darrin Selking was featured in a video put together by Kichler Lighting all bout LED lighting techniques and why they’re the future of landscape lighting.

Check it out below:

jonathan <![CDATA[Landscape Lighting is More Than Buying a Bunch of Lights]]> 2014-08-06T16:18:41Z 2010-04-06T15:00:35Z In this world just about anyone can walk into a do it yourself store, purchase lights and then sell them to anyone. They may claim they are experts in the field and claim that they have satisfied customers, etc. Usually they actually have very little experience and even fewer references or credentials.

When a landscape lighting project goes pear shaped,  it becomes increasingly clear that the person trying to do your lighting installation is a fraud or a huckster.

Choosing the proper architectural landscape lighting company is vital to achieve the design you’re seeking. Unlike “Joe the Plumber” – who is now selling lights because the plumbing business is slow, a true lighting company with accredited designers have visions for your home that you may have only dreamt of or never thought possible.

A skilled designer will make it happen.

From that simple tree being up-lit, to that fantastic and hard to light area only achieved thru moonlighting…no task is to big or small to achieve that ultimate lighting design.

Unlike the impersonators out there, a true artisan is invaluable to any project. A lighting designer creates with a vision and will surpass all your expectations. You’re paying for that “WOW” factor and using a company such as Landscape Illumination, you should expect no less. All the lighting designers on our staff are fully schooled and trained to see your vision come to life and they can assist you from start to the finish of your project.

Landscape Illumination has the finest credentials and lighting designers in the country – perfect for helping you shape and implement your lighting vision.

jonathan <![CDATA[Landscape Illumination Founder Darrin Selking Joins Kichler Lighting Lighting Council]]> 2010-03-09T15:00:25Z 2010-03-09T15:00:25Z We’re happy to report that the founder of Landscape Illumination, Darrin Selking, was awarded the Kichler Lighting 2010 President’s Council Award.

As leaders in the landscape lighting industry, Kichler has recognized Darrin and Landscape Illumination for our continued excellence in lighting safety, design and professionalism.

Landscape Illumination in Valparaiso Indiana has been using Kichler Lighting products for over ten years and this award is an affirmation of our continued relationship with Kichler Lighting.

“I’m very excited to be joining the Kichler Lighting President’s Council as it will be a great opportunity to be a voice for the guys on the ground in the lighting industry,” said Darrin recently. “This just proves that we continue to lead and innovate in landscape lighting and that has been recognized by Kichler Lighitng.”

Everyone here in the Landscape Ilumination offices are very excited about this fantastic opportunity. Stay tuned for more exciting news in the coming months.

jonathan <![CDATA[Come Meet Landscape Illumination on the Road!]]> 2010-02-26T03:30:33Z 2010-03-01T15:00:05Z Have questions about landscape lighting and want to meet us in person? Then you’ll have a great chance to meet us at the upcoming Porter County Builders Association Home and Garden Show and the Michiana Home Show.

It will be a great time to talk to us about your burning lighting questions, see product demonstrations and learn all about the principles of landscape lighting.

If you’ve been considering how to light your house – then come on down and talk to us and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Porter Country Builders Association

Porter County Builders Association

Home & Garden Show 2010

March 4, 10 – 5 pm

March 5, 9 – 8 pm

March 6, 9 – 8 pm

March 7, 10 – 5 pm

Porter County Expo Center

215 East Division Road, Valparaiso, Indiana

Michiana Home Show

Fri, Mar 5, 2010 5:00 pm
Sat, Mar 6, 2010 10:00 am
Sun, Mar 7, 2010 12:00 pm

120 South Saint Joseph Street

Downtown South Bend, Indiana 46601

See You on the Road!

jonathan <![CDATA[The Benefits to a Top Notch Landscape Lighting Design – Tips on Choosing a Lighting Contractor]]> 2014-08-06T16:18:56Z 2010-02-26T15:00:31Z So many do-it-yourselfer’s get caught up placing lights everywhere in their yards that the true effect of architectural landscape lighting gets lost in the original vision of the homeowner. Then along comes a sub standard lighting company that hasn’t been properly trained to recognize the do’s and don’ts of landscape lighting. Generally they under do this and over do that -delivering an end result that is neither attractive or on budget or both.

The homeowners are usually upset by this point in the landscape lighting quest to learn they were duped by a crappy contractor with poor materials and installation practices. Once they hit this point – it’s  generally time to hire another Landscape Lighting contractor to get it right and that’s where Landscape Illumination in Valpo comes in.

What follows are some tips and advice on lighting design that should be addressed by a lighting consultant when they come on site to give you a free consultation.

First, here are a few questions you should ask yourself about any landscape lighting contractor:

  1. Was the representative well prepared in his presentation with all current catalogs and pricing?
  2. Did the representative listen to your needs addressing your questions in a polite and professional manner?
  3. Did you feel trust in the representative?
  4. Is the landscape lighting company insured, bonded, accredited, and the designer properly schooled in the art of architectural landscape lighting?
  5. Do you feel the design he put forward meshed your visions within the paramenters for beauty safety and securing of your home?

If you answered yes to these questions then you should feel pretty confident that you have found a good landscape lighting contractor to work with.

Now here are some of our favorite lighting design tips:

  1. A good designer will save you money. You will require less lighting and achieve a more beautiful design if the designer uses proper placement of all the fixtures and controllers.
  2. A good designer will only highlight what should be highlighted and not burden you with un-important or non-attractive features that are better suited for natural daytime lighting.
  3. Don’t be shy about your input. Everyone’s visions are different. Nor are designers mind readers. Therefore, open dialog is very important. If you wish to have that special tree lit, tell him. If your pond or pool is used during the evening hours, or you wish to see it from your favorite chair, tell him, and so on.
  4. A good design starts with a good foundation. Ask what products the company offers. Look at their catalogs and inspect their warranties. Kichler landscape lighting and Vista landscape lighting are at the top of the threshold of quality products. I would insist their products to be used. Not only will you receive an excellent product, their lifetime warranties are the best in the industry.
  5. Ask about lighting designs that are “abstract” to conventional thinking. A good designer works “outside the box” more than you may think. Chances are he has done a similar vision as yours in the past and possibly has photo’s of it to help you see it first hand.
  6. Request a limited nightime demonstration. I cannot tell you how many mistakes by the homeowner are averted thru this process. What they think is a must have turns completely different once the light hits them. A good designer will recognize this pitfall immediately and show you the difference between what you thought was the perfect idea and the truest lighting design.
  7. A good lighting design is similar to a well designed home. You wont be bothered with details such as light switches in the right place or a kitchen cabinet drawer that is so convenient to put away the cleaned silverware. Landscape lighting is just the same. Put the lighting where it is most advantagious and the design becomes alive. A properly done landscape lighting system will enhance everything about your home when the evening comes and will mitigate the design features you would rather only see in the daytime. IE garden hoses, mechanical items like power lines, AC condensers, gas meters etc.
  8. Finally, a great design, by a great company, will offer you peace of mind. Your property will become beautiful beyond belief, safe to yourself and your guests, and secure against unwanted threats.

A good landscape lighting design will make your home beautiful, save you money, and make yourself proud of the most important investment in your life……your home.

If you’d like to see what Landscape Illumination can do for you landscape lighting needs, then contact us for a free consultation!

jonathan <![CDATA[Why Solar Should Not Be Part of Your Landscape Lighting Plan]]> 2010-02-03T03:02:51Z 2010-02-03T03:02:51Z If you are looking for landscape lighting, but have been on the fence on your purchase of either solar lighting versus professional grade landscape lighting, I believe I can offer suggestions to guide you further. These are the 10 reasons not to purchase solar lighting. I hope this helps you out.

The cons to solar lighting

  1. Most are made out of low impact plastic and the durability is severely in question.
  2. Solar lighting batteries are sub-standard in quality and rarely does a solar light remain lit during the first couple hours of use during any particular evening.
  3. Any obstruction such as snow, rain, or leaves inhibit the photo cell operations, therefore no lighting will take effect from that fixture.
  4. Battery longevity is almost non-existent. Therefore solar lighting is usually disposed of within 2 weeks to 2 months. Rarely does a solar light last the through any winter.
  5. By disposing of solar lights in the normal refuse or even recycled way, it creates a serious environmental problem because of poor breakdown of the plastic fixtures and more importantly the serious pollutant factor of the batteries to the landfills thus contaminating our drinking water sources.
  6. There are rare instances that applications of solar lighting that will work if any. A dedicated solar light offers little or no illumination of the desired walkway, driveway, specimen tree, or home thus becoming a eyesore to the home instead of enhancing it.
  7. Solar lighting appears to be a good concept for safety. In my experience the falsely created sense of security is in fact a dangerous problem of this type of light. Let me explain. A light that offers no desired illumination but a “glow” draws the eye to it. This in turn blocks the senses of the dangers of steps etc, thus causing the person to trip easily and fall. It boggles my mind that insurance companies allow this type of light.
  8. In a low sunlit day, solar lighting does not re-charge its batteries and this causes the lights to not operate at all until direct sunlight hits them extensively.
  9. Solar lights cannot be used in a shady area (under a tree etc) because ineffective battery charging will in all applications never allow the light to work.
  10. Solar lighting is a poor investment.

Pros to solar lighting

  1. There is only one. They are cheap, therefore you get what you pay for.

Again, I hope this helps you out and I can save you the aggravation of a substandard product. By following the above mentioned steps from a person who has purchased solar lighting in the past, you should be able to make a easy decision. I would recommend a professionally installed low voltage landscape lighting system. They are almost bulletproof moreover, if your landscape lighting contractor is board certified, bonded, and has a track record of a long list of happy clients, your system should last you a lifetime with the design you desire with the utmost in safety in mind.

jonathan <![CDATA[Common Questions about LED Lighting From Founder Darrin Selking]]> 2014-08-06T16:19:11Z 2010-01-21T03:43:10Z

LED or Light Emitting Diode technology is changing the lighting industry and landscape lighting is not exempt from that. LED lights are cheaper to run, last longer and are more environmentally friendly. We’ve been getting lots of questions about LED’s and how they can affect landscape design, so I’ve put together some common questions and our answers.

What energy-efficient LED landscape lighting options does your company offer?

The biggest one that’s available right now that came out a couple of years ago and has been refined in the last year or so is LED. This year, we’ve installed more LED than regular halogen lights. The technology has been around for awhile, but it always looked like a bluish white light; it never looked quite right. That changed 2 years ago when Kichler Lighting finally got the color shift down so that LED’s now look like normal halogen landscape lighting.

What’s the difference between Low Voltage landscape lighting and line voltage lighting? Which is more energy efficient?

I think it kind of depends. The majority of our work is standard, low-voltage lighting – that’s probably 85 to 90 percent of our business. But LED this year definitely made a big splash to the point where over the next year or so, manufacturers are coming out with a lot more fixtures that they are converting over to LED. There’s quite a bit of 120-volt products out there, but the most energy efficient outdoor lighting is low voltage, and the LED low voltage is a step beyond that. With low-voltage landscape lighting, the fixtures are very small, the wattages are very low, and we can target the lighting where we need to have it. It can save people a lot of money on energy usage. Sometimes as much as 80% over traditional 120 volt lighting.

How popular are LED lights with your current clients?

They’re very popular for one basic reason – LED uses one-tenth of the energy that halogen lights use. If a standard fixture output that we use on a house, for example, is 20 watts in halogen, we can do the same effect in LED for 4 1/2 watts. You don’t have to use as much wire. You can also downsize your controllers or transformers because you’re running a lot less wattage in the field. The other thing too, is you never have to worry about changing any bulbs because they are 40,000 hour burn time, which is equivalent to 20 years of normal use. We were skeptical about LED at first, but after seeing it in the field it definitely has its place. It’s maintenance free, lower energy cost and you get the same, nice light output that you do at a lot lower wattage. It will change the industry.

LED’s usually cost more than halogen lights – so why should people spend the extra money upfront?

LED is so new that more customers are asking about it, and we bring it up when we’re meeting with new clients. If they desire a high quality, low voltage lighting fixture the LED is for them. You want something that is really durable; it’s going to handle the elements – snow, rain, etc. If you do it with LED, your cost is going to be a little more upfront, but your energy savings are actually going to be greater because the wattage is less, the light output is the same, and there won’t ever be any bulbs to replace. LED installations will pay for the extra upfront cost within a couple years of usage through electricity savings. It’s a win, win all around.

Interested in LED lighting? Contact us today for a free lighting consultation to see how it can fit into your lighting plans.